What are Pelmets?

What Exactly Are Plaster Pelmets?

Are you in search of the ideal way to finish off a window treatment for your room as a whole? This is why you need plaster pelmets. This general information page will provide you with all the information that you need to make your room look nicer and more complete.

What is a Plaster Pelmet?

In simple words, a plaster pelmet Melbourne is defined as a board that sits right at the top of the window treatment that is to be decorated in some way. Curtain pelmets can be upholstered, padded or otherwise even decorated, by painting them for instance.

Besides just being decorated, a pelmet can also hide the curtain fittings and rod, and they are used to help regulate light and heat at the top of the window. Since they are a rigid structure, a pelmet is normally made of wood, MDF or anything similar.

Pelmets can be either bought as a complete kit or on their own. One can also install them on their own with the new or existing window treatments, or they can have a professional expert install them during the time of the window treatment resting period.

Selecting The Correct Pelmet

Since there are a variety of decorating options from which you can select, which can include curtain pelmets, ceiling pelmet construction recessed pelmet detail, vertical blind pelmets and more – the pelmets are ideal for just about every type of window pelmet treatment, from ornate and traditional, right through to something contemporary and simple. The only guide for one to follow is to ensure that they fit perfectly for the size of the window. However, in case it is out of proportion, it would simply look like a tacked-on afterthought. That’s why it’s always best to hire local residential and commercial plastering companies in Melbourne to ensure it’s done correctly.

Different Designs

When looking for pelmets, there would be many different designs that are available. For instance, one would have a simple board pelmet or they could choose to have the bottom edge of the pelmet scalloped. Furthermore, there is also the choice to add decorative features to the bottom of the pelmet such as tassels and braiding, for the best results contact a plasterer in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs and plasterers in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs.

When choosing plasterers Melbourne you have to decide whether it would be padded or unpadded. Padded pelmets would need to be covered using fabric so as to hide the padding material such as the foam. While on the other hand, an unpadded pelmet would be covered with the fabric of choice or it can also be painted to achieve a similar effect. Therefore, make sure that the pelmet coordinates not only with the window treatments but also the overall theme and the color of the room.

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