The Internet has Changed the Paradigm for Tradie Marketing

The way tradies market their skills and services has changed dramatically to reflect the way the Internet is used. Tradie marketing is no longer a simple matter of placing a flyer on local bulletin boards, placing an ad in a community newspaper, or advertising in the Yellow Pages. Social media has taken the place of word-of-mouth referrals and leads.

The vast majority of people perform an online search for the products and services they need. Potential clients rely on social media referrals from friends and family. Even employers are relying on social media and the personal websites of those they’re considering for employment. In a digital world, it’s essential that tradies have an online presence to market themselves, their skills, or their business.

Tradie marketing is now dependent upon having a website, but few tradies have the time, training or knowledge to design their own website, produce the content for it, or to maintain the site. An effective website requires far more than a one-page website with a couple of photos and a phone number.

Consumers want the individuals and companies they interact with to have a website that provides them with hours or operation, photos or videos, examples of their work, and testimonials. Texting and email have become the standard forms of communication prior to actually contacting an individual.

Many tradies are reluctant to embrace the Internet as a means of marketing, but in today’s business climate a website is the primary way to market any business and for individuals to sell their skills, education and abilities to others.

Social media is an easy and effective way of getting to know potential customers and build relationships, keep abreast of trends, and discover what customers or employers are looking for when they want or need work performed. Tradies can promote their recent projects and discover leads about potential customers and engage with groups in the same field.

Online tradie marketing can help through capturing email addresses for canvassing campaigns and to target specific customers. Bulletin boards, newspapers and the Yellow Pages are no longer effective and are barely used. For successful marketing, tradies have to embrace the Internet.

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